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Life is an adventure to be celebrated when it begins, when it ends and everything in between.

Two Falling Stars is owned and run by experienced independent celebrant Awen Clement. Awen creates unique weddings, handfastings and other ceremonies to celebrate the stories of your life. Awen is deeply spiritual and takes pride in creating ceremonies that can reflect a couples spiritual path without upsetting more traditional relatives!

Many thanks to Richard Shephard Photography for allowing the use of this video.

Awen is a handfasting specialist; a handfasting ceremony is the binding of the hands as confirmation and blessing of the marriage. Its where the phrase ‘tie the knot’ comes from. An old tradition that has come full circle to become an element of modern weddings, adding additional symbolism to the wedding ceremony. Whatever your faith or religion (including none at all!) it is accessible to all couples.

Awen is based in Birmingham but travels across the West Midlands, into Wales and beyond to lead your ceremonies.  Want to get married somewhere outside the UK? No problem, Awen has a valid passport and will travel anywhere in the world that you might want to get married. Awen offers a range of celebrant services for weddings, namings and family blessings.

Let us be like two falling stars in the day sky – Hafiz

Awen is proud of her bespoke wedding and handfasting ceremonies, working in partnership with you, she will help you to create a ceremony to celebrate all the important moments of your life. Whether it’s for the beginning, the middle or the end.

Every ceremony created by Awen is unique to the people it is for, no standard scripts, a fully personal service to help you tell your stories and celebrate with loved ones. She will work with you every step of the way to help you to craft a ceremony to remember.

By having a ceremony with an independent celebrant you can include whatever elements you wish including your own choices of music or readings. You can write your own vows and promises. You can have an audience of hundreds or just be the two of you. Go totally traditional or completely quirky, the day is for you so make it your own!

Not only that but your wedding, handfasting or naming ceremony can take place anywhere you choose; on the beach, in the woods, in a hotel or in your own back garden. As an independent celebrant Awen is happy to travel anywhere and perform ceremonies in almost any location you could desire. She’ll even turn up in fancy dress to fit your theme if you want her to!

Nothing is too weird or wonderful, the only limit is your imagination! Contact Two Falling Stars today and plan your perfect life celebration.