Renewals & Family Blessings

Renewals & Family Blessings

Would you like to celebrate an anniversary? Renew your commitment? Celebrate the blending of two families? Bless a new family home?

I have had great pleasure over the years creating these kinds of ceremonies for couples and families. One of my favourites was a surprise anniversary ceremony for a couple celebrating their Ruby Anniversary. Their children organised it for them as a surprise and we did it on the land near to where the family home had been for some thirty odd years until the couple retired.

I’ve also done ceremonies for families who want to include their children, either because the children weren’t around when they got married or because it’s a step-family coming together and wanting to celebrate their connection.  I’ve also performed handfastings and blessing ceremonies for couples and their families when they have moved into a new home and we affirmed the place and what it meant for that family.

These sorts of ceremonies can be large or small, secular or spiritual and can honestly include any elements that you want. We can do them basically anywhere, anytime.  There are lots of reasons why you might want to renew, reaffirm or celebrate your marriage or your family and because I bespoke write all of my scripts, you will get a ceremony to reflect exactly what you want to do and say.

If you have something you want to celebrate (again!) then be in touch with me to talk about what you would like to do.


Will you travel to perform our ceremony?

Yes! I am based in the Midlands of the UK but I am happy to travel anywhere, in the UK and abroad. My standard fee includes travel by car up to an hour from Birmingham in the UK. After that a mileage fee or travel expenses are incurred.

How do we book you?

Contact me via [email protected] or on 07872 995 794 to discuss date availability and details of your ceremony. I look forward to hearing from you.