Weddings & Handfastings

Weddings & Handfastings

“We could not of wished for any one other than Awen. A wonderful calming presence about her, she listens… and gives good positive advice.” – Louise & Gary

Celebrating the joining of your life with another person is something we have been doing for hundreds of years and is something that you would want to do in a way that really reflects who are you are.  The options for where and how you can get married have grown and changed hugely in the last couple of decades, so these days it’s possible to have exactly the day that you want.  However there are still restrictions on where you can perform the legal part of getting married. This is where having an independent celebrant like me comes in.

Hiring an independent celebrant allows you to have a ceremony pretty much anywhere, at any time and include any elements you could possibly want.

A lot of couples have a special place that really means something to them and whilst you might not be able to have your legal marriage there, you can hire a celebrant like me to create a personal ceremony there. Want to get married on the beach? In the woods? At a sacred site? In your own back garden? No problem!

Registry office weddings are great for a simple legal ceremony, but often there isn’t space for very much personal content such as readings or music.  Working with me as your celebrant we can create a ceremony that can include poems, music, drumming, dancing, singing, performance art – anything you could possibly want or imagine really!

“Our family and friends were moved by how personal the ceremony was and she unified the huge range of opinions and beliefs that stood in one circle around us.” – Olivia

You don’t want a church ceremony, but a registry office or a hotel isn’t spiritual either, so don’t settle for either if it’s not what you want. Working with a celebrant like me means that we can create a ceremony that weaves together a variety of spiritual paths and beliefs, or none at all! Finding you the right balance between the secular and the sacred is really important for your wedding ceremony.

I am happy to create a really traditional style wedding with a twist all the way through to a full pagan handfasting, the only limit is your imagination! Tell me what you want to do and together we will write it and make it happen.  We will make a wedding day as unique and individual as you are.


If we have a wedding or handfasting ceremony with you will we be legally married?

Unfortunately not as I am not a legal registrar, so if you want to be legally married you would need to arrange that separately. But to be honest I think it’s not a negative thing. Because I’m not a registrar there are no restrictions on me about when and where and how we perform your wedding ceremony.

Can we really have our wedding or handfasting ceremony anywhere we like?

Yes, subject to the permission of the owners of the place you want to have the ceremony.  Obviously if it’s your back garden that isn’t an issue, and there are areas of countryside and woodland that we wouldn’t need permission to use. But please check and be sure before making plans and sending out invitations! If you have your heart set on a particular venue for your wedding, that’s great. I’m happy to liaise with your venue about where we can create your ceremony on site.  I am also happy to help you with finding the right venue or ceremony spot.

What time of day can we have our wedding or handfasting ceremony?

Pretty much any time you like! I have done early morning ceremonies, evening twilight ceremonies, traditional Saturday afternoon ceremonies.  If you want to get married at midnight on New Years Eve let’s do it! 

Will you travel to perform our wedding or handfasting?

Yes! I am based in the Midlands of the UK but I am happy to travel anywhere, in the UK and abroad. My standard fee includes travel by car up to an hour from Birmingham in the UK. After that a mileage fee or travel expenses are incurred.

Isn’t a handfasting a pagan wedding? What if we aren’t pagan?

Whilst a handfasting is seen as a pagan ceremony, it isn’t exclusive to the pagan community. Being handfast was the way we performed marriages in the time before the church, generations ago. It’s where the phrase ‘tie the knot’ comes from. Having your hands bound together as part of a wedding ceremony is a really beautiful symbol of your lives being joined together and can be used instead of or in conjunction with the giving and receiving of rings, and I can explain what its all about to your guests as part of the ceremony.

How do we book you?

Contact me via [email protected] or on 07872 995 794 to discuss date availability and details of your wedding or handfasting ceremony. I look forward to hearing from you.